May 8, 2013

Mountain Top


Today, I will hike up a mountain. Two miles up. Two miles down. Didn’t check the weather on the iPhone. Weather looks nice. Good feeling and a little overcast. Ginny, our very elegant English Springer Spaniel, is by my side, filled with the excitement of a new place, birds galore, and the taste of adventure. About a quarter mile in, I am ready to give up. This is hard. Am I’m sick? That would be a good excuse, but I don’t feel sick, just lazy from a busy week. I pause on a rock and decide that come hell or high water, I’m going to make it to the top. Ginny breathes deeply and with a smile says thank you in her personal way – with a proper English accent.

We make it to the top of Mary’s rock at 3,400 feet and OMG and hello, what a rock. 360 degree views of the Virginia Shenandoah Valley in the Appalachian trail backcountry. Folks think it was named Mary’s rock after a lady named Mary who grew up in that area. But with these views, I dare you to try and not think of the other Mary – Jesus’s mama. On a normal weekend, I bet 500 people visit this rock, but today I am special. I am alone.

I bring out my iPhone and take photos (see photo above), because I am uncomfortable just letting this moment be. The phone rings and I answer it, because I am uncomfortable just letting this moment be. It’s Amy from the loan company. Her name should be Mary. She tells the good news, “You are approved for you house loan.” Really? Good news while on the mountain top? Nice.

I decide to sit a while, let my mind float from cloud to cloud on the horizon, to yellow trees, light green trees, and green trees and just be. I wonder if this is how Daniel Boone felt when he left Virginia to start Kentucky, which in turn blazed the path for Ohio. Lighting strikes about 2 miles Southwest and we must leave quickly.

Goodbye Virginia. It was a mountain top experience.

Aaron Lee Davis

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  1. Diane Heley Munro

    This photo makes me want to go there and climb! The picture along with your your description bring a sense of peace. Beautiful!

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