April 18, 2013

Here we go!


Cincinnati, Ohio?  Why there?  Is that where your family is from?  Do you have jobs out there?  What made you guys decide to move? . . . .

The fact that you’ve ventured out to journeytoohio.com shows you’re at least curious as to what Ashley and Aaron are up to this time.

We promise fill you in on all of the details soon, but before I start rattling off answers, let me say how grateful we are for your friendship! Aaron and I would LOVE to sit down for a few hours over coffee to catch up with you and share what’s been going on in our lives. We hope to do as many coffee dates as we can before leaving Virginia, but the realty is that we’re running out of time. Hence, Journey To Ohio is born, in an effort to share our lives with each of you, in a more intimate way than Facebook (blah).

So let’s make this our weekly coffee date to grab a cup of joe, pull up a chair, catch up!


2 Comments On “Here we go!”

  1. You sure do know what you’re doing creating this site; both techincally and spiritually. God will be with you two (as He always is and always will be). Love you guys to death!

  2. Sweet! Sounds awesome guys…. I’m not much of a coffee fan (probably the only one of my kind) but I’d love to stay in touch, and both see and hear how God is using and working through you both. I’ll be lifting you guys up! Go get em!

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