September 24, 2014

Remembering Ginny

Life as art. "Where am I?" "Can you see me now? Princeton University Our little Cherry Blossom "Cute? I think so!" "This spot is just fine" "Just made up my mind. I don't like baths." Bundle of Joy Aaron's lovely ladies "I could pose for a living!" Where I belong Smiling upside down Another photo? Really? Nose to nose "Grandma gives me bottles to chew" Appalachain trail on top of the world All grown up What are you looking at? Pet me....Now... AKC medal Headrest What up my people "Where are we going?" "I claim this Ohio park" Friends Friends Best part of baths "SNOOW!" "Belly rubs?" Royal companion We will miss you...
"Just made up my mind. I don't like baths."

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Virginia “Ginny” River Davis born January 15, 2012 in Cordova, SC died peacefully at MedVet of Cincinnati, Ohio September 24, 2014. She had a fast growing, incurable and rare brain tumor that was severely impairing her balance and function.

Ginny was dearly loved by her adoptive parents Ashley and Aaron Davis. She leaves behind her boyfriend, a large black Labrador Retriever, Cooper Jones of Warrenton, VA and many friends and family. Ginny graduated from an AKC training course and attended Princeton University, New Jersey for one day – primarily for the photo opportunity and to prove that a country dog can achieve great things. Her occupation was a marriage counselor to the Davis’s and she gave therapy to many families while Aaron and Ashley were traveling.

Ginny was a beautiful pure bred tri-colored English Springer Spaniel, whose favorite activities included chasing water from the hose, camouflaging herself in spotted rugs, belly rubs, mimicking the voices of others, handshakes, high-fives, morning snuggle time and running. Ginny never met a stranger and was adored by dozens of families and kids in multiple states. She once was pictured on a 49 cent stamp created by her human great-grandmother and modeled for Emily Abril Photography of Washington, D. C. as a too cute for T.V. pup. We think that she also holds a state record in speed wagging for dogs with tails less than two inches.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but in her last display of love, she blessed Aaron and Ashley with an hour of un-natural strength, kisses, handshakes, and snuggles. This is how she wished to be remembered.

Ginny was Aaron and Ashley’s first pet and will forever hold a piece of their hearts. Their house is empty without her, but full of the love of family and friends during this difficult time.

Please honor Ginny’s memory by your comments below or mail to Ashley and Aaron Davis, 333 Waverly Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio  45215.

May 8, 2013

Mountain Top


Today, I will hike up a mountain. Two miles up. Two miles down. Didn’t check the weather on the iPhone. Weather looks nice. Good feeling and a little overcast. Ginny, our very elegant English Springer Spaniel, is by my side, filled with the excitement of a new place, birds galore, and the taste of adventure. About a quarter mile in, I am ready to give up. This is hard. Am I’m sick? (more…)

April 18, 2013

Here we go!


Cincinnati, Ohio?  Why there?  Is that where your family is from?  Do you have jobs out there?  What made you guys decide to move? . . . .

The fact that you’ve ventured out to shows you’re at least curious as to what Ashley and Aaron are up to this time.